Minggu, 12 Juni 2016


1. Where is Kemaro Island located?
a. near the Ampera Bridge (South Sumatera)
b. at the middle of Musi River (South Sumatra)
c. in West Sumatera
d. in East Java

2. What we can use to get there?
a. a car
b. a bus
c. a plane
d. a boat

3. How long to get there?
a. fifteen minutes
b. half an hour
c. two hours
d. one hour

4. Who is the legend of the Kemaro Island?
a. Dayang Kumunah & Awangku Usop
b. Roro Jonggrang & Bandung Bondowoso
c. Tan Bun An & Siti Fatimah
d. Demung Sandubaya & Lala Seruni

5. What's the famous building from Kemaro Island?
a. Mosque
b. Pagoda
c. Restaurant
d. Swimming Pool

6.  What is the name of that place?
a. Pagoda
b. Church
c. Temple (Klenteng)
d. Monastery

7. What the purpose of the building is and who the architect?
a. To be iconic of Dubai, Tom Wright
b. For lodging the King, Juan Guas
c. For lodging the King, Jacopo Celega
d. To be iconic of Dubai, Mauro Codussi 

8. How many floors and rooms in Burj Al Arab?
 a. 27 floors and 202 rooms
b. 26 floors and 203 rooms
c. 28 floors and 202 rooms
d. 29 floors and 205 rooms

9. Where's that building located?
a. Dubai, UEA
b. United Kingdom
c. Egypt
d. Turkey

10. What are the facilities available at the hotel? except...
a. Restaurant
b. Helipad
c. Hospital
d. Swimming pool

11. How much we have to pay if we want to stay at the Royal Suite Room?
a. 24.000 USD
b. 25.000 USD
c. 26.000 USD
d. 27.000 USD

12. Which of the following statement is not true about the Royal Suite Room?
a. The room consists by 2 floors
b. Dining room
c. Swimming pool
d. The room has 1 floor

13. What is the different between Al Mahara and Al Muntaha restaurant?
a. Al Mahara serve seafood and Al Muntaha serve tea&cocktails
b. Al Mahara serve tea&cocktails and Al Muntaha serve seafood
c. Al Mahara serve western food and Al Muntaha serve traditional food
d. Al Mahara serve traditional food and Al Muntaha serve western food

14. What are the function of the helipad in addition to landing...
a. To play tennis 
b. To play badminton
c To play football
d. To play golf

15. What view we can see from the Skyview Bar?
a. Gulf & Coast
b. Mount & Forest
c. Waterfall
d. Savanna 

16. Which restaurant that has a large glass wall in Burj Al Arab?
a. Al Mahara
b. Al Muntaha
c. Skyview Bar
d. The Westleton Crown

17. What is the sofas and pillowcase made of?
a. Cat feathers
b. Goose feathers
c. Rabbit feathers
d. Chicken feathers

18. We have to book …. earlier if we want to have lunch or dinner in Burj Al Arab.
a. a few months 
b. one day
c. two weeks
d. one year

19. Why it’s named Kemaro Island?
a. From "Kemarau" that means dry area
b. From "Kemarau" that means wet area
c. From "Kemarau" that means moist area
d. From "Kemarau" that means damp area

20. The temple used to celebrate…
a. Asadha
b. Christmas
c. Eid Al Fitr 
d. Lunar 

21. "And I wish you could give me the cold shoulder

And I wish you can still give me a hard time

And I wish I could still wish it was over

But even if wishing is a waste of time"
What "I" feels in that lyrics...
a. happy
b. sad
c. grateful
d. excited

22. Who is the band that sang the song?
a. One Direction
b. The Script
c. Maroon 5
d. Simple Plan

23. Who is one of the writter of the song?
a. Steve Kipner
b. Adele
c. Bruno Mars
d. Chritina Grimmie

24. What the true meaning of this song for The Script?
a. a child that lose their parents
b. a boy that broke up with his girlfriend and want her girlfriend to come back with him
c. a girl that broke up with her boyfriend and want her boyfriend to come back with her
d. a child that run from their parents and their parent still hope the child to come back

25. I'll leave the door on the latch 
      If you ever come back if you ever come back
      There'll be a light in the hall and a key under the mat 
      If you ever come back

What is the singer or "I" feeling at that lyrics?
a. disappointed
b. happy
c. hope
d. satisfied