Minggu, 01 November 2015

One of The Places I've Visited in Indonesia

Hello friends!!!!
I want to tell you about one place in Palembang, South Sumatera. It's a little island that located in the middle of Musi River named Kemaro Island. It's located about 10 km from the city. This island has an exstensive area about 30 hectares and inhabited by a few hundred people.
To go there we have to use a boat that is located on the banks of the Musi River near the Ampera Bridge.

 I'm so sorry for the bad photos because, you know, that Palembang was covered by smoke. 

To get there it takes about half an hour and to hire a boat we have to pay about thiry thousand-fifty thousand for one person.

It is video that I took during the trip but not all.  
And I was one boat with other passengers.

We can see many large ships that are working and small houses which provide fuel. 
I really like the view of theMusi River, we can feel the cool and peaceful atmosphere. 

Kemaro Island from the boat

 So, I wanna tell you about the legend of Kemaro Island. 
Once upon a time long ago, Tan Bun An (Chinese trader) sailed to Sriwijaya to trade. Tan Bun An saw Siti Fatimah(daughter of Sriwijaya King) and fell in love with her. Tan Bun An intended to marry SIti Fatimah but with one condition, he must carry seven jars of gold. Then Tan Bun An persuade Siti Fatimah to see his parents to China and asked his parents to prepare seven jars of gold. On top of the jars are covered by vegetables (sawi-sawi asin) to avoid the pirates who will steal it during their trip to Palembang.
While almost arrived in Palembang, Tan Bun An want to see the contents of the jar, he was surprised that he had seen only vegetables, finally he threw the jar into the river. The last jar broke out in the ship and the gold that contained in the jar was seen by Tan Bun An. He jumped into the river to take the jars that had been banished, a bodyguard also jumped into the river, saw the bodyguard and Tan Bun An not appear Siti Fatimah jumped into the river too. 

A few days after the incident appears pile soil on the banks of the Musi River and eventually become an island.

Both of them never returned and then came the land which eventually became known as Kemaro Island, there are also temples and tombs built for them.

The temple in Kemaro Island

This temple(klenteng) is often used by Chinese ethnic to worship, especially during the Lunar (Chinese New Year) and Cap Go Meh(15 days after the Chinese New Year celebration). That temple has existed since 1962. In that temple where the Buddhist usually doing the worship.
Many people from outside the city and foreign who come here for day trips or worship.

This place is a place where people burn paper money because it is believed to increase luck. 

I found this picture on Google, it's so beautiful oh my God!!!!!

The most famous from Kemaro Island is Pagoda that has 9 stairs . The pagoda was built in 2006. We can see the scenery of Musi River from the Pagoda. But not everyone can enter the pagoda, usually only the entourage. 
I think it's more beautiful when the smoke is go away. 

I think I can see the scenery of Musi River and many of ships passed, but unfortunately because smoke I can't see that huhu:(

Oh yeah, there's one thing that I forgot to tell you. You know why its named Kemaro Island? Kemaro words come from "Kemarau" that means dry area. Yeah, this place never flooded although volume water of Musi River increase. 
I love the legend of this Island because I think it was very unique and I am in love with the Musi River scenery :)  

Finally, that's all about Kemaro Island that I know. Hope you can visit it too!! :)