Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015


Hello guys!! Im back again, I would like to tell you about SMAN 3 Bandung Festival of Arts, Literature and Culture named GAMARVANI
Gamarvani means  “going to the moon” and theme of folklore Nyi Anteh. Because of this is West Java Cultural Festival, so there will be many performances of Sundanese Culture like Wayang Golek, Pencak Silat, and the others,  but there will also be performances from Musik Klasik 3, Band 3, Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3, Tiloe’s Theatre, Adera and HiVi!, and the others. So it will be fantastic!!

This is the poster of Gamarvani.
You can see a lot of events that will entertain us. 
Gamarvani held in Lapangan Bali 19th of September 2015. The ticket price is around 35-50 thousand rupiah. Before Gamarvani begins, there is a parade that followed by student from elementary school until high school that wearing Sundanese clothing and walking around the streets in Bandung. Unfortunately, I can’t joined that because I have something that must be resolved.
Elementary school-middle school students doing a traditional dance

Gamarvani also held a contest of traditional games such as congklak, engrang, sapintrong, bancakan, cing ciripit, etc. The winner of the contest will receive a gift, you know, fun isn't it? The goal is to preserve the traditional game.
This is Engrang game.

Then, I went to Gamarvani around 12 pm and directly exchange the ticket.  Before entering the festival there’s an inspection, because Gamarvani has rule that is not allowed to bring perfume, sharp weapons, dangerous drugs, etc.  There were already a lot of people, I met my classmates, some of them have become committee. Oh yes, I see the Yellow Bandros (Bandung Tour On The Bus) outside, it was rented that can bring us surroundings Bandung.

This is the situation on the gate.
People are very enthusiastic to watch Gamarvani, is not it?

Voila!! This is the Yellow Bandros

There was very hot, so I bought a drink that is Green Tea Ice Blended, it was very delicious! There were a lot of foodtruck and food stand that provide a yummy foods and drinks. And there were some community stand.

Community Stand

Food Stand

Food Truck

I enjoyed the show while drinking my Green Tea Ice Blended with many of my friends. 
Me with my friends!!

This is the delicious Green Tea Ice Blended :3
Many who sang traditional songs in every performance but insert some modern songs, so it's very complete. 
MK3 (Musik Klasik 3) performance. They sang very good!! 
KV3 performance

Wayang Golek played a very good story.

Tiloe's Theatre showing Nyi Anteh's drama very funny.

The day became evening, people came even more crowded Bali's Field, the long-awaited performance will soon arrive, namely the performance of Adera and Hivi. People more close to the stage and eagerly await his appearance.
Yeah, the long-waited performance came. We have that very fantastic time with Adera and HiVi! We sang, having fun together. Forget all the problems and tasks in that very beautiful night! Nighttime atmosphere and the light entertainment making the atmosphere increasingly feels comfortable.

The performance of HiVi!

Adera's performance.
So that's all about Gamarvani that I can tell you from my experience. Gamarvani take place with very kind and pleasant. I thank to the organizers and all who have supported this event so it can be as vibrant as this. Wohooo see you guys in the next event!!!!