Sabtu, 05 September 2015

Exspressing a Compliment


Yesterday, Nia and Afifah met at the bazaar. Nia greet Afifah and they started a conversation. 

Nia         : “Hello Afifah! How are you? I haven’t meet you this week.

Afifah    : “Hello Nia! I’m fine, how about you? Yeah, this week I’m so busy, because of midterm exam.”

Nia         : “I’m fine too. Yes, me too! That’s why we haven’t meet this week, even though we are in the same school haha. By the way, I forgot to congratulate you.”

Afifah    : “Hm, for what?”

Nia         : “You’ve got the highest score in school for English test! Congratulation Afifah, you really doing a good job!"

Afifah    : “Are you sure? I don’t know yet. Thank you very much for your greeting and for telling about that, Nia.”

Nia         : “You’re very welcome,Fah.”

Afifah    : “By the way, will you attended the school holiday event to Puncak?

Nia         : “Ofcourse. I really need vacation after midterm exam.”

Afifah    : “Yeah, you’re right we need some refreshing. Do you want to accompany me  to packing my stuff? I really need your help to choose which items should I bring.”

Nia         : “Sure. When?”

Afifah    : “Thank you. Tomorrow at my home, okay?”

Nia         :”OK. I’m going to your house tomorrow.”

Afifah    :”OK. What time is it now? I have to go back to class”

Nia         :”It’s one o’clock.”

Afifah    :”Ok thanks.  Anyway, I love your watch, that’s a pretty watch.”

Nia         :”Thanks. My dad bought it for my birthday. Anyway, you should go back to class now, if you don’t want to be late.”

Afifah    :”Ok. Thanks for reminding me.”

Then, they go back to their class.

 The next day, Nia came to Afifah’s house.

Afifah    : “Let’s go Nia, come to my room.”

Nia         : “Ok, what we have to begin?”

Afifah    :”Hm, my clothes! I often confused to choose them.”

Nia         :”I think you should bring a sweater because there is quite cold.”

Afifah    :”Ok. Thank you for your advice.”

Nia         : “Wow Afifah you have so many cool clothes.”               

Afifah    : “Thank you. My mother who bought it all.”

Nia         : “Wow wonderful! She has a good taste for it.”

Afifah    : “Hehe, I think so. By the way, which one is good for me? The pink or blue sweater?

Nia         : “I think you really good in the pink sweater. You look very beautiful .

Afifah     : ”It’s very kind of you to say that.”

                 The next day in school, all students see the test results of Math test in school mading.

Afifah    : “Nia, have you see the results of the Math test? You’ll surprising for it.”

Nia         :”No, I haven’t. Why I would be surprised?”

Afifah    :”You’ve got a highest score in school. Congratulation! What a smart student you are!

Nia         : “Waah I don’t believe it. Thank a lot, Afifah.”