Minggu, 01 November 2015

One of The Places I've Visited in Indonesia

Hello friends!!!!
I want to tell you about one place in Palembang, South Sumatera. It's a little island that located in the middle of Musi River named Kemaro Island. It's located about 10 km from the city. This island has an exstensive area about 30 hectares and inhabited by a few hundred people.
To go there we have to use a boat that is located on the banks of the Musi River near the Ampera Bridge.

 I'm so sorry for the bad photos because, you know, that Palembang was covered by smoke. 

To get there it takes about half an hour and to hire a boat we have to pay about thiry thousand-fifty thousand for one person.

It is video that I took during the trip but not all.  
And I was one boat with other passengers.

We can see many large ships that are working and small houses which provide fuel. 
I really like the view of theMusi River, we can feel the cool and peaceful atmosphere. 

Kemaro Island from the boat

 So, I wanna tell you about the legend of Kemaro Island. 
Once upon a time long ago, Tan Bun An (Chinese trader) sailed to Sriwijaya to trade. Tan Bun An saw Siti Fatimah(daughter of Sriwijaya King) and fell in love with her. Tan Bun An intended to marry SIti Fatimah but with one condition, he must carry seven jars of gold. Then Tan Bun An persuade Siti Fatimah to see his parents to China and asked his parents to prepare seven jars of gold. On top of the jars are covered by vegetables (sawi-sawi asin) to avoid the pirates who will steal it during their trip to Palembang.
While almost arrived in Palembang, Tan Bun An want to see the contents of the jar, he was surprised that he had seen only vegetables, finally he threw the jar into the river. The last jar broke out in the ship and the gold that contained in the jar was seen by Tan Bun An. He jumped into the river to take the jars that had been banished, a bodyguard also jumped into the river, saw the bodyguard and Tan Bun An not appear Siti Fatimah jumped into the river too. 

A few days after the incident appears pile soil on the banks of the Musi River and eventually become an island.

Both of them never returned and then came the land which eventually became known as Kemaro Island, there are also temples and tombs built for them.

The temple in Kemaro Island

This temple(klenteng) is often used by Chinese ethnic to worship, especially during the Lunar (Chinese New Year) and Cap Go Meh(15 days after the Chinese New Year celebration). That temple has existed since 1962. In that temple where the Buddhist usually doing the worship.
Many people from outside the city and foreign who come here for day trips or worship.

This place is a place where people burn paper money because it is believed to increase luck. 

I found this picture on Google, it's so beautiful oh my God!!!!!

The most famous from Kemaro Island is Pagoda that has 9 stairs . The pagoda was built in 2006. We can see the scenery of Musi River from the Pagoda. But not everyone can enter the pagoda, usually only the entourage. 
I think it's more beautiful when the smoke is go away. 

I think I can see the scenery of Musi River and many of ships passed, but unfortunately because smoke I can't see that huhu:(

Oh yeah, there's one thing that I forgot to tell you. You know why its named Kemaro Island? Kemaro words come from "Kemarau" that means dry area. Yeah, this place never flooded although volume water of Musi River increase. 
I love the legend of this Island because I think it was very unique and I am in love with the Musi River scenery :)  

Finally, that's all about Kemaro Island that I know. Hope you can visit it too!! :)

Minggu, 04 Oktober 2015


Hello guys!! Im back again, I would like to tell you about SMAN 3 Bandung Festival of Arts, Literature and Culture named GAMARVANI
Gamarvani means  “going to the moon” and theme of folklore Nyi Anteh. Because of this is West Java Cultural Festival, so there will be many performances of Sundanese Culture like Wayang Golek, Pencak Silat, and the others,  but there will also be performances from Musik Klasik 3, Band 3, Keluarga Paduan Angklung 3, Tiloe’s Theatre, Adera and HiVi!, and the others. So it will be fantastic!!

This is the poster of Gamarvani.
You can see a lot of events that will entertain us. 
Gamarvani held in Lapangan Bali 19th of September 2015. The ticket price is around 35-50 thousand rupiah. Before Gamarvani begins, there is a parade that followed by student from elementary school until high school that wearing Sundanese clothing and walking around the streets in Bandung. Unfortunately, I can’t joined that because I have something that must be resolved.
Elementary school-middle school students doing a traditional dance

Gamarvani also held a contest of traditional games such as congklak, engrang, sapintrong, bancakan, cing ciripit, etc. The winner of the contest will receive a gift, you know, fun isn't it? The goal is to preserve the traditional game.
This is Engrang game.

Then, I went to Gamarvani around 12 pm and directly exchange the ticket.  Before entering the festival there’s an inspection, because Gamarvani has rule that is not allowed to bring perfume, sharp weapons, dangerous drugs, etc.  There were already a lot of people, I met my classmates, some of them have become committee. Oh yes, I see the Yellow Bandros (Bandung Tour On The Bus) outside, it was rented that can bring us surroundings Bandung.

This is the situation on the gate.
People are very enthusiastic to watch Gamarvani, is not it?

Voila!! This is the Yellow Bandros

There was very hot, so I bought a drink that is Green Tea Ice Blended, it was very delicious! There were a lot of foodtruck and food stand that provide a yummy foods and drinks. And there were some community stand.

Community Stand

Food Stand

Food Truck

I enjoyed the show while drinking my Green Tea Ice Blended with many of my friends. 
Me with my friends!!

This is the delicious Green Tea Ice Blended :3
Many who sang traditional songs in every performance but insert some modern songs, so it's very complete. 
MK3 (Musik Klasik 3) performance. They sang very good!! 
KV3 performance

Wayang Golek played a very good story.

Tiloe's Theatre showing Nyi Anteh's drama very funny.

The day became evening, people came even more crowded Bali's Field, the long-awaited performance will soon arrive, namely the performance of Adera and Hivi. People more close to the stage and eagerly await his appearance.
Yeah, the long-waited performance came. We have that very fantastic time with Adera and HiVi! We sang, having fun together. Forget all the problems and tasks in that very beautiful night! Nighttime atmosphere and the light entertainment making the atmosphere increasingly feels comfortable.

The performance of HiVi!

Adera's performance.
So that's all about Gamarvani that I can tell you from my experience. Gamarvani take place with very kind and pleasant. I thank to the organizers and all who have supported this event so it can be as vibrant as this. Wohooo see you guys in the next event!!!!

Sabtu, 05 September 2015

Exspressing a Compliment


Yesterday, Nia and Afifah met at the bazaar. Nia greet Afifah and they started a conversation. 

Nia         : “Hello Afifah! How are you? I haven’t meet you this week.

Afifah    : “Hello Nia! I’m fine, how about you? Yeah, this week I’m so busy, because of midterm exam.”

Nia         : “I’m fine too. Yes, me too! That’s why we haven’t meet this week, even though we are in the same school haha. By the way, I forgot to congratulate you.”

Afifah    : “Hm, for what?”

Nia         : “You’ve got the highest score in school for English test! Congratulation Afifah, you really doing a good job!"

Afifah    : “Are you sure? I don’t know yet. Thank you very much for your greeting and for telling about that, Nia.”

Nia         : “You’re very welcome,Fah.”

Afifah    : “By the way, will you attended the school holiday event to Puncak?

Nia         : “Ofcourse. I really need vacation after midterm exam.”

Afifah    : “Yeah, you’re right we need some refreshing. Do you want to accompany me  to packing my stuff? I really need your help to choose which items should I bring.”

Nia         : “Sure. When?”

Afifah    : “Thank you. Tomorrow at my home, okay?”

Nia         :”OK. I’m going to your house tomorrow.”

Afifah    :”OK. What time is it now? I have to go back to class”

Nia         :”It’s one o’clock.”

Afifah    :”Ok thanks.  Anyway, I love your watch, that’s a pretty watch.”

Nia         :”Thanks. My dad bought it for my birthday. Anyway, you should go back to class now, if you don’t want to be late.”

Afifah    :”Ok. Thanks for reminding me.”

Then, they go back to their class.

 The next day, Nia came to Afifah’s house.

Afifah    : “Let’s go Nia, come to my room.”

Nia         : “Ok, what we have to begin?”

Afifah    :”Hm, my clothes! I often confused to choose them.”

Nia         :”I think you should bring a sweater because there is quite cold.”

Afifah    :”Ok. Thank you for your advice.”

Nia         : “Wow Afifah you have so many cool clothes.”               

Afifah    : “Thank you. My mother who bought it all.”

Nia         : “Wow wonderful! She has a good taste for it.”

Afifah    : “Hehe, I think so. By the way, which one is good for me? The pink or blue sweater?

Nia         : “I think you really good in the pink sweater. You look very beautiful .

Afifah     : ”It’s very kind of you to say that.”

                 The next day in school, all students see the test results of Math test in school mading.

Afifah    : “Nia, have you see the results of the Math test? You’ll surprising for it.”

Nia         :”No, I haven’t. Why I would be surprised?”

Afifah    :”You’ve got a highest score in school. Congratulation! What a smart student you are!

Nia         : “Waah I don’t believe it. Thank a lot, Afifah.”

Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2015

My New Friend

Hello!!! I'm back again to write about my new classmate in my new school.

Ok, first let me tell you her name. Her name is Dewi Asriani Nurlaila. She usually called Dewi. Meaning of her name is "princess who soothing night with her light". Nice name, right? She was born in Bandung, 31st of March 2000. She live at Karang Arum Street Number 3, Sukajadi, Cipedes.

Her mom name is Iin Martini Waluyani and her dad is Tjetje Gunawan Haniba. His father is a lecturer at UPI. Wow, no wonder she was so clever! She also has three older sister. 
The first sister name is Sophia Amalia, a teacher at Daarut Tauhid, graduated from UPI (S1 Mathematics)
The second is Mardya Kamilah, a teacher at International Kindergarten (apple tree), graduated from UPI too (S1 English Literature)
The third named Shinta Nuraini, but she passed away in 2001. 

Dewi's Family

Dewi is a student at 3 Senior High School Bandung, same with me and we are in a same class X IPA 7. She was an alumni of 2 Junior High School Bandung and Sukajadi 9 Elementary School. Her weight is 60 kg and 158 cm height.

She liked biology, because she thought it was exciting, we can know more about our bodies until all constituent despite cell. But she didn't like English, because she thought she hasn't been too could. 

Her hobbies are writing, watching film, and reading stories. She likes to write because she thinks if we write we could try all the characters that we want and can go to any place we want.  She likes to watch movies because she can feel various emotions when watching film, can be sad, then a few minutes later laughing, continued to be angry with no reason. She likes to read because she thinks we could be expanding the capabilities of our imagination as best and as we like. She doesn't like to wash dishes, because she thought it was complicated. 

Her favorit color is pink. Because she thinks that the color pink so soft and suitable for girl. The color she doesn't like is yellow because it's too bright. Her favorite thing is laptop and notebook. 

Her favorite novel is Totto-chan, the story inspired her. Her favorite comic is Marmalade Boy comic, old comics from Japan, the name of the comic artist is Wataru Yoshizumi. Her favorite movie is The Hunger Games, and now she was waiting for the film The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 in theaters. Her favorite places is her bedroom because she thought we can do anything we wants and be ourselves. 

Her favorite food is meatballs, especially meatballs in Bandung, because it has unique taste than meatballs in other cities. Her favorite drink is lemon tea, because of its sour and sweet taste. She doensn't like "tape ketan" and hot tea.

Her idol is the Prophet Muhammad.  He was patient , pious, kind, loving, and gentle person. She also like Michael Jackson because his story life is interesting and the songs he made has good and deep meaning.

Her elementary school close friends are Fitria haryani, Cyntia Hidayanti, and Rafidah Noor. They still often play together till now. In junior high school she had a close friends too named, Nuril, Mida, Malva, Sapi, Nia (it's my name but it's not me lol because me and dewi not in the same junior high school). They are nice, fun, and can make her feels comfortable. 

Dewi with her friends

Countries that she wants to visit are Mecca (for Hajj) and US (for school at MIT University).

The most interesting experience for her was the experience several years ago. She went to Ciamis from Bandung and it took 12 hours, usually it takes 4-6 hours. And her car submerged in water because of the flood in Nagreg.

Her life goals are to succeed in world and afterlife, be a good child in family, a good student in school, a good friends, and she really wants to be programmers, work at Microsoft or Apple and have her own software company. Aamiin. 

I think Dewi is a kind person, she always helped me when I ask her about the task that I didn't understand, she was diligent and clever. 

Yeaah, as much as this an introductions about my new classmates Dewi. See you later!
Oh, and there are my photos with Dewi.  

Dewi (left) and me (right)